Andrea Nakayama's
DIgestive intensive
Andrea Nakayama's
DIgestive intensive
early bird pricing
ends february 5th
Andrea Nakayama's
DIgestive intensive
Andrea Nakayama's
DIgestive intensive
early bird pricing
ends february 5th
Andrea Nakayama’s Digestive Intensive
The Practitioner training program on how to become the go-to Health Professional who gets sustainable results with even the toughest chronic cases
What is it?
Digestive Intensive is a practitioner training program and online community led by Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama that helps practitioners learn the most important skills to create a thriving practice. Through the Digestive Intensive, you’ll learn how to:
What is it?
Digestive Intensive is a practitioner training program and online community led by Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama that helps practitioners learn the most important skills to create a thriving practice. Through the Digestive Intensive, you’ll learn how to:
Fill your practice through client referrals
Get enhanced clinical results by practicing true root-cause resolution medicine
Influence your clients to commit to long-term health goals
Lead with confidence & be seen as the expert
Digestive Intensive
The Practitioner training program on how to become the go-to Health Professional who gets sustainable results with even the toughest chronic cases
Why do you need the Digestive Intensive?
If you’ve ever felt like you don’t know enough to help someone…

Or you know what the textbooks say, but you find yourself feeling anxious when you’re face-to-face with a client who is obviously suffering, and who has symptoms and diagnoses that you’ve never heard of or worked with...

Or possibly you’ve worked with a client for a while, and then they stop making progress, and you’re not sure why...

Then the Digestive Intensive was created just for you.

There are plenty of programs out there that can teach you about health coaching. And there is enough information and evidence on the web and in the halls of other schools to keep you occupied for decades.

But that’s not enough.

If you’re really going to help people (and we need you to help people - there is an increasing population of chronically ill who just aren’t getting better despite visiting practitioner after practitioner), then you need more than coaching skills and textbook knowledge.

You need practical skills that allow you to uncover what’s really going on in your client’s body. Not what’s supposed to happen, but what’s actually happening.

You need to understand why, no matter what the diagnosis, you must start with the digestive system.

You need to be able to address not just the symptoms, but the underlying root causes of your client’s issues.

And you need to be able to create individualized solutions for your clients based on their bodies, their needs, and their goals.

This is how you become the best, last stop on your client’s journey. (And how you create raving fans who can’t stop talking about you!)

“Not only has my confidence increased ten-fold, it has also expanded my vision for how I can best serve my clients.”
~ Karen Trubner Kent
How it works
Each week through the last week of June through the month of July, Andrea Nakayama leads a live interactive online class. For those who are unable to attend that week, the session is recorded and posted to your dedicated Member ‘Hub’ to listen to at your own convenience.
Through the Message Board, Andrea is available to answer questions, along with her own clinic's team of Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioners. The entire community of students have the opportunity to connect with each other to discuss case studies, current challenges they are facing in practice, and to dive deeper into course materials. The Message Board acts as a second classroom and a searchable gold mine for answers to any question you encounter in practice (now or in the future).

What do you get with the Digestive Intensive?
  • Four 90-minute Interactive Training Sessions with acclaimed functional medicine nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama
  • Four 30-minute virtual workgroup sessions with your colleagues so you can begin to practice what you’re learning immediately
  • Done-For-You Protocols for the trickiest signs, symptoms and conditions, detailing Andrea’s clinical pearls
  • Specially curated Diagrams, Illustrations, Articles, and Videos for ease of understanding and quicker implementation of the concepts explored
  • Quizzes to help you integrate the materials and test your knowledge
  • Course Transcripts to reference at a later time
  • ‘WHAT’S ON MY SHELF’ reading list to further your studies outside the virtual classroom with Andrea’s favorite books on digestive health
  • Key Terminology Glossary for any biochemical language that “stumps” you
  • Herbal Bonus Session and Handout on the top 3 herbs to support the system
  • 24/7 Message Board Access to connect with Andrea, her team of nutritionists, and other students and colleagues in the program
  • One 90-Minute “Study-Hall” Session: A live opportunity to ask questions of Andrea’s nutrition team
  • One Power Hour session with Andrea: two dynamic hours of Q+A
  • A TWO-YEAR seat in the live program and lifetime materials access so you can return and review the Digestive Intensive course in the future
  • PREMIUM BONUS CONTENT: Liver Health Intensive, Handouts & Bonus Interviews (Get ready to upgrade your cleanse and detox offerings!)
  • PREMIUM BONUS CONTENT: Guest Health & Medical Expert Interviews on digestive health
Digestive Intensive
The Practitioner training program on how to become the go-to Health Professional who gets sustainable results with even the toughest chronic cases
Practitioners across the USA and over 50 other countries are catching on about the Digestive Intensive. It’s time to claim your spot on the map!
About Andrea and how this program came to be

I hung my shingle as a practitioner in 2009 and, to be honest, I was astounded by how quickly my practice grew. I went from having a small solo practice to having a waiting list to running a virtual wellness center where I had to hire additional nutritionists. I even helped the most desperate people with the toughest cases including autoimmune issues such as Crohn’s Disease, Hashimoto’s and MS, as well as those with cancer and undiagnosed health challenges that other practitioners could not resolve.

When I spoke with my colleagues, I realized that I was having exponentially greater success than others who had the same tools and the same educational background as I had.

I wanted to help my fellow colleagues thrive in practice, so I went on a mini-mission to figure out why my practice was so different, and what made my success so unique…

To help others have the same success that I’ve had, I created the Digestive Intensive to better enable other practitioners to find the root causes of their clients’ issues, create individualized plans that their clients want to stick to, and develop a business that naturally grows because of the great results that they are getting with their clients.

Since starting the Digestive Intensive in 2012, we’ve had over 2,100 practitioners successfully complete the program. Here’s what a few of our students have said:
What differentiates HNL from other functional medicine and nutrition training programs is Andrea's ability to teach you the physiology and systems you need to help real people with real problems. You’ll take the leap from textbook theory to a deep, practical understanding of how to use diet and lifestyle modification to help people feel better. Andrea blends the functional approach with her clinical experience to give you practical advice and guidance, so you’ll finally know enough. Andrea also provides case studies and protocols that apply to specific conditions which will help you become an effective health practitioner and nutrition detective.

Andrea is probably one of the brightest and most generous teachers available to us in the world of functional nutrition. In fact, I would say, she is a defining player in what it means to work with clients and patients within a functional approach to nutrition. Now that I've been through Holistic Nutrition Lab I have so much more to offer my clients and a whole new way of engaging them in their own wellness journey. I’m excited and they’re excited.

I now look to get to the root cause of whatever is going on with someone's health instead of focusing on their diagnosis. Holistic Nutrition Lab has given me the tools I need to work confidently with complex clients.This investment paid for itself ten-fold as I now am able to partner with functional doctors who send me referrals that I wouldn't have been able to help without the knowledge I gained in HNL. Thank you Andrea and Team!

I have such a love of learning all this, all because of how Andrea has communicated the materials. Her teaching is outstanding, and I really can't thank her enough. The highlight of every week has been anticipating Andrea's classes. There is just so much wonderful information. When an issue comes up with a client, I now have so many resources to go back to! Taking this class was an easy yes, and I am sooooo grateful beyond words.

In a word: Brilliant! Andrea is a gifted teacher as well as clinician. She has the genius of presenting complex information in a way that makes it meaningful, understandable and implementable. While I will continue to learn as a health coach, I can approach learning with a renewed meaning. Thank you Andrea, you are indeed changing lives!

Admittedly, I was on the fence about signing-up for HNL. I wanted to be sure that it didn't take my eyes off my own growing, health coaching practice. Well, I'm so glad I carved out the time this year! Not only did Andrea make this course fabulously flexible, but also easy to reference. Not only did she pour her own heart and soul into the course, but she shined a spotlight on other speakers and perspectives. She left the functional medicine door ajar for us to peek in and learn.

I am so grateful to have found Andrea and enrolled in HNL. Best. Decision. Ever. I don't think I've ever learned so much smart and applicable information in such a short amount of time. My confidence and ability to help my clients has skyrocketed and I can now more fully step into that role of practitioner and partner in their health journey.

It is rare to find someone so knowledgeable, so thorough, so dedicated, and so effective in helping us understand, as she would say, 'what's going on in there.' Andrea Nakayama is that person. Her gift is to be able to practically teach clients and health coaches alike how to decipher, like Sherlock Holmes, a nutritional riddle that is unique to you. If I myself had a nutritional challenge, I would call Andrea.

Andrea is a world class nutritionist with a huge depth of experience in not only the biochemistry of food but also actually making the information real for people with recipes, anecdotes and “how to” advice. She is dynamic and brilliant and I am thrilled to call her my colleague.

Is this program for me?
If you’re a Nutritionist, get ready to get out of the books and into PRACTICE, learning how to take what you already know to a new level that will help you to influence those "tough to reach" clients that haven't made the lifestyle changes needed for success.

If you’re a Holistic Health Coach that thought you were learning about “food as medicine” in health coaching school, but don’t feel like you can dive as deep as you’d like with clients, this is your obvious next step. (Get ready for a major CONFIDENCE BOOST!)

If you’re a Registered Dietitian who recognizes the truth and benefits of individualized health and medicine, welcome to your tribe!

If you’re a Registered Nurse, you hold a very special place in changing the way we do healthcare. Your ability to work in partnership with other practitioners and to empower your patients to take their health into their own hands will skyrocket!

If you’re an Acupuncturist, you see the intersection of food, physiology and constitution. Marrying the principles of functional nutrition with classical approaches will enable you to tailor your treatment protocols to meet the needs of the clients you see every day.

If you’re a Nurse Practitioner, you may have developed a practice of your own where you’re eager to incorporate more dietary and nutritional healing into the whole body approaches you take in caring for your patients. The Digestive Intensive program is for you!

If you’re a Physician’s Assistant, you’re perfectly poised to help physicians counsel their patients on nutrition. Diving into the functional nutrition section of this program will help you become the hero in your practice, enhancing results beyond what was previously possible.

If you’re a Medical Doctor, you likely didn’t have the opportunity to study much nutrition. You may have left school without even considering its role in health. If you’re left questioning that, and want to go beyond dietary theory to where food meets physiology, welcome aboard.

If you’re a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Nutrition Lab is your chance to move from Functional Medicine Theory to Hands-On Practice, diving deeper into the nuances of elevating your practice with frameworks, structures, systems, and stories for patient compliance and clinical success.
Participation in the Digestive Intensive will grant you 30 Category 1 CEUs with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.
Register for the Digestive Intensive today!
The Digestive Intensive is my core teaching in the art and science of functional nutrition, the summation of six years of clinical practice and ten years and tens of thousands of dollars of training. As a component of my 9-month Full Body Systems curriculum, the Digestive Intensive would cost $850, but it’s easily worth four times that amount.

The real value:
  • Four 90-minute sessions with me: $1,700 value
  • Done-for-you protocols: $500 value
  • Course transcripts: $800 value
  • Liver health recordings: $297 value
  • Guest health & medical expert seminars: $200
  • Every-day access to me for two months on the message board: unlimited value
Total Digestive Intensive value: $3,497+
Yours for only: $547
register for the Digestive Intensive today
Only $547!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

You can return the program within 30 days of the 1st class for a 100% money-back refund.

If you have questions we haven’t answered here, please check out our FAQ Page about the Digestive Intensive and all the Holistic Nutrition Lab programs.

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